Como Hacer tu diario botella de CDS por Protocolo 1000

General Strategies for Assisting Malaria Patients:

Malaria victims are divided into two groups - adults and children. Many hundreds of children have been given MMS doses according to 3 drops for each 25 pounds (11.4 kg) of body weight.

Adults are first given 15 drops. Each drop of MMS is always activated with either 5 drops of 10% citric acid solution or full strength lemon or lime juice. Once the juice or citric acid is added, one must wait 3 minutes before adding 1/2 glass of water or apple or pineapple juice. The drink is immediately consumed.

One must wait only one hour and then the malaria victim is given a second dose of the same size. All symptoms of malaria should be gone after 4 hours beyond the second dose.

If all the symptoms are not gone on the following morning or even later that evening a third dose of 15 drops of MMS should be give to adults and made in the same way as given above. But remember always 5 drops of acid to each drop of MMS so use 75 drops of citric or lemon with the 15 drops of MMS. Then wait 3 minutes, add 1/2 glass of water or juice, and drink. A third dose for the child who has not become well should simply be double the first dose.

One must then wait only an hour. Then the victim should be given the fourth dose the same as above using 15 drops for an adult and half dose for a child. The patient should be malaria free within 12 hours. Ninety-nine percent of the malaria victims will be handled at this point.

However, with any malaria victim that continues to be sick after 4 hours, they should continue to receive doses at 1 hour intervals  but reduce the number of drops in a dose to 3 drops per dose and once per hour.   If the patient is nauseous reduce the number of drops per dose. Continue as long as the patient is sick, but continue with doses no more than three drops per hour.  These suggestions are based on the personal treatment of thousands of people who had failed to eliminate malaria from their bodies using all other known means. Many were dying or near to death.

See also the video of the Malaria convulsing baby that was treated by a local doctor who used MMS under the direction of Jim Humble. The video is part of the MMS method for babies and pregnant women here.


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The MMS Maintenance Dose - Many people do not understand the importance of taking maintenance doses of MMS every day or at least twice a week. Most people interested in detoxifying the body realize by now that new diseases have come on the scene in the past 50 years and they are not natural diseases. Nature hasn't invented any new diseases, they have all been invented by man. I'm talking about HIV/AIDS, lyme disease, morgellons disease, hepatitis C, and a whole host of other diseases that the human race is now facing.

Millions upon millions of people are suffering and dying from diseases created by man. Some of these diseases are transmitted by personal contact or sex, but others are spread by mechanisms that are not yet understood. Especially lyme disease and morgellons diseases are transmitted by unknown means. Yes, ticks are one source of the lyme disease, but I have talked to many who have lyme disease who never got near a tick. And there are thousands who have "Morgellons" disease who have no idea where it came from.

And guess what. Medical doctors can't tell you where cancer comes from. Oh, they have a lot of ideas that you cannot catch cancer, but all the guys who said that cancer was cause by a microorganism have been either killed or persecuted until they were dead or imprisoned. Then there is the flu. Every year thousands of older people and young people die from the flu. So, the point being that a tremendous amount of diseases are out there where you are, and everyone is at risk. MMS maintenance doses and can reduce your risk by a very large amount, maybe as much as 95%.

MMS supercharges your immune system by providing a chemical that the immune systems needs to kill various pathogens. My suggestion is that anyone should first do the Protocol 1000 for detoxification of the body as there is no better method of detoxification.  MMS kills the pathogens, oxidizes the heavy metals thus eliminating them from your body and destroys most of the poisons in your body.  It is a different process than trying to wash all of the poisons from  your body with various liquids and nutrients. 

Many of those detoxification process are very effective, it's just that MMS is more effective.  MMS destroys the poisons and heavy metal compounds as opposed to washing them out or chelating them.It's very simple, after the Protocol 1000 is complete (21 days or a little less) just begin taking 6 drops of MMS every day.  That should reduce the severity of any flu or cold by about 10 times and totall prevent cancer and many other life threatening diseases.  Flu and colds can happen as psychosomatic occurances and they may last a few days regardless of the preventitive you may be taking.  When these occure always start on the Protocol 1000 as the psychosomatic flu can make you a hundred times more open to the real flu germs setting in. 

Keep up of Protocol 1000 until all symptoms are gone.So a maintenance dose for any person over 60 should be about 6 drops a day, either in the morning or in the evening.  Remember, no coffee, chocolate, carbonated drinks, orange juice, or any kind of juice with added vitamin C or ascorbic acid in it within a full hour of taking you maintenance dose.A maintenance dose for a younger person can be twice a week of 4 to 6 drops.  This should keep you immune system working at top efficiency. 


Good luck.

Jim Humble